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    • ViralEnagr Messenger Shop Personal
    • $69
    • Per Month
    • Import 100 Choice Products Only And Add 15 Custom Products Into Your Account
    • Access Only Default Checkout Pages
    • Only 20 Connected Messenger Pages Supported
    • Can Only Create 20 Messenger Shops
    • Can Only Create 20 Landing pages/Checkout Pages
    • Can Only Create 20 Chatbot Automations
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    • ViralEnagr Messenger Shop Commercial
    • $99
    • Per Month
    • Import Unlimited Ecom Products And Add Unlimited Custom Products
    • Access Default Checkout Pages And Custom Checkout pages
    • Unlimited Messenger Pages Supported
    • Can Create Unlimited Messenger Shops
    • Can Create Unlimited Landing Pages/Checkout Pages
    • Can Create Unlimited Chatbot Automations
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